13 April 2012

The Robots - Kraftwerk

"We're functioning automatic

And we are dancing mechanic"

Sing the iconic red shirted quartet on this - the granddaddy of all robot songs. A 1977 classic from the German electronic music pioneers that surely needs no introduction…


Robot Ponies - Laura Barrett

Bit of wild card this one. Little-known outside her native land, Canadian folk songstress Laura Barrett marries together kalimba (thumb piano) and softly softly vocals for a cautionary tale about the next generation My Little Ponies - Robot Ponies - the dream toy of all little girls in 2053.


The Humans are Dead - Flight of the Conchords

Surely one of the finest in New Zealand's fourth biggest folk duo's repertoire, this ode to the apocolypse features the greatest over opening line "it is the distant future, the year 2000…."


Robot Rock - Daft Punk

The first single from Daft Punk's difficult 2005 album Human After All, Robot Rock's booming breaks, immense guitar riffs and vocoders are enough to get any sentient being running to the dance floor. Listen and enjoy the Friday feeling wash over you….


Half Man Half Machine - Goldie Lookin' Chain

Who knew that FACT was such a den of repressed GLC enthusiasts? In a cursory office survey this song kept coming up…  Possibly the only robot vocals ever delivered in a thick Newport accent, so worth its listing for that reason alone….


Other notables, worth a mention:


I am not a Robot - Marina and the Diamonds (Welsh songstress does her best impression of Kate Bush to prove her sentience)


Intergalactic - Beastie Boys (ok, not strictly speaking about robots, but you've got to love the robot voice on this classic Beasties track)