19 April 2012

Author Mike Pinnington

People are milling about, perhaps with their first alcoholic drink in mind, ours being just around the corner. But first, we have something of an end of day highlight coming in the form of The Kazimier Krunk Band

Due to hit FACT at 6:30, we're promised the performance will feature a paper origami dress and an opera singer. We're not sure if the opera singer will be clad in origami dress or not, but it's set to be a bit of a spectacle for sure, the Krunk band making their way through the foyer to the outside of FACT.

All that's left is to sign off, so thanks for having us FACT; it's been a grand day out. Our highlight has got to be watching the joy on people's faces using the 3D printer! Our missed opportunity? Not taking the chance of the gallery tour with those body>data>space cats. The exhibition runs until Sunday 27th May - get along and see it while you can

Hopefully our live-blogging has provided someinsight into the day for those of you who couldn't make it down.

Sayonara, it's been fun!

Team Double Negative