19 April 2012

Author Laura Robertson

Partner at artplayer Lucy steps forward to talk about this new project! Work done with FACT has helped establish the benchmarks to support the sector. Supporting organisations and bringing in people from different indusries and communities really important.

Video a really important way of showing work; transferring it into a digital and online quite difficult.

Roger McKinley steps forward, artplayer project manager. So what is artplayer? "artplayer is a free to use, online, national video platform for the arts." It's a place for content to sit and collect an archive of happenings in the art sector. It is:

  • tailored to arts orgs
  • promotion of the arts industry
  • production and co-commissioning
  • training and support

Their research found that 70% of orgs produce videos; 86% publish video content online; 93% interested in a video platform; and 75% interested in staff video training. Most organisations use Youtube and Vimeo; however, a fairly low number use their own websites and Facebook to post video content. Tate tell us that about 80% of their traffic comes from Youtube!

Roger says that people involved so far include National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool Biennial, Castlefield gallery, AXIS, and Hayward Gallery.

We're now watching artplayer's first commission with Castlefield Gallery - Director Kwong Lee is here at today's event. Watching the film, I think really that artplayer is a great way of accessing arts events from a diffferent perspective; short video content lets you see inside an exhibition, for example, before you see it yourself.

"It has influenced our projects in that we are focusing more on creating high quality material" - Grizedale Arts

Lead developer Chris Nolan enters the fray! "I've been responsible for developing the platform artplayer revolves around."

Chris is here to give us a 'walk through' of the artplayer website, due to relaunch on the 8th May. 

"We've aimed to create a really intuitive and easy to use site", says Chris. 

He goes on to explain that there are diffrerent user levels on artplayer: "You can view all the content on the site without registration." Chris points out that there are second and third levels. Those level 2  users have an account while 3rd level users have access to their own artplayer channel."

On the Grizedale Arts channel, Chris shows us that the url is a 'vanity' one, in that Grizedale appears on the site's address. It's all set up to encourage interaction with the organisations with a channel set up.

Artplayer looks, to us, to be a really useful tool for organisations and arts groups to give themselves an online platform which enhances the chance for visitors of  the general site to discover and explore their content in an interactive way. FACT have partnered with App developer Apposing, who will be releasing an iPhone app for artplayer in the coming months...

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