19 April 2012

Author Laura Robertson

Since 12:30, Adrian McEwen from DoES Liverpool, and Boo Chappell and Louis P-A from Open Curate It have been 3D printing with venturesome artists, arts industry representatives and members of the public. The aim, as Louis put it, was to see "what people would actually do if they had the chance to intervene in an institutional space using design software and a 3D printer. Open Curate It is about getting people connected with the way that FACT works."

Adrian added: "Its great to see people getting excited by 3D printing!"

Karl Raven, a photographer  from Norris Green, has never 3D printed before. "It was an experience! I designed a genetically modified easter egg, inspired by superlambanana. An infusion of an egg, a hen and an easter bunny! It's fantastic ... the way I could literally send 3D models to my nieces and nephews in New Zealand. I've never tried anything like this before, but it was really easy to use."

You can join in too! Take part in 3D printing seminars and classes for free on the following dates:

24th April, 6-8:30pm - The Stuff of Experience seminar

1st May, 6-8:00pm - Google Sketch Up Class

16th May, 4-7:30pm - Open Printing Drop-In

26th May, 11-2:00pm - Open Printing Drop-In

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