30 April 2012

Self-proclaimed 'Famous New Media Artist' Jeremy Bailey, who's currently artist-in-residence at FACT, will be creating an outdoor augmented reality dance party for LightNighters to revel in and explore their hidden creativity.

Jeremy is creating a piece of augmented reality software for the event which links an interface for expression with an interface for control. To play music - and therefore dance - revellers will need to coordinate themselves and literally become a 'dancing machine' . By dancing properly they will be able to unlock creative bonuses that will let them do things like paint in 3D and create augmented reality sculptures.

 As Jeremy puts it:

"In every human computer interaction there is a solipsistic narcissist, and getting people to see themselves as part of a whole instead of a desperate singularity is the secret to a truly great party, and some might argue the first step toward forming a truly great society. 

"For one night, for once, we can all be happy, we can all be creative, we can all be Famous New Media Artists!"

Bring yourselves and your dancing shoes along to Ropewalks Square (in front of the FACT entrance, Bold Street) on 18 May, from 7pm.

Find out more about LightNight.