1 March 2012

Author Vicky Folksman

Come on, best one-liner of any 80s movie ever? I know you know it. Say it with me: "Ray, when someone asks you if you are a God you say YES!" However, it has been reported that Bill Murray has categorically, emphatically, and absolutely, definitely, one hundred per cent put his proton pack down and said a firm and final "No" to Ghostbusters III. Gasp!

Since the boys in grey vanquished Vigo the Carpathian back in 1989, the closest we've ever come to the Holy Grail that is Ghostbusters III is with the much-anticipated 'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' from 2009. Oh how excited we were when we found out that all of the original cast members were lending their voices to it. Ray would be calling you 'Rookie', Venkman would call you 'Newbie' and we would get to fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in our very own living rooms. Epic! It gave us all a little bit of hope that maybe G3 would at last come to fruition. Sadly, that magnificent feast has now come to represent the last Ghostbusters-themed collaboration between our beloved heroes.

But come on, let's face facts here; Murray made his decision about G3 years ago. In 1993, when his pal Harold Ramis gave him the choice between Groundhog Day, and getting together to work on Ghostbusters III, he chose to first make ice sculptures of Andie MacDowell, with Marv the bungling baddie from Home Alone as his sidekick instead of suiting up, sliding down the pole and hopping into the Ecto 1 for one last huzzah. Ironically, this decision plus a subsequent falling out with Ramis on set kept Murray in a sort of Groundhog Day of his own for almost the next 20 years, with people constantly asking him the dreaded Ghostbusters III question.

If the storyline rumours were to be believed, the Ghostbusters re-boot would have included a select group of hot young new recruits being trained by the Famous Four (well, three plus Winston) which to me smacked hideously of any American Pie movie set after 'The Wedding'. And well, if Ghostbusters without Venkman is going to be anything like American Pie without Stifler - you can count me out.

I loved Ghostbusters. No, I LOVE Ghostbusters, but I don't think I would be as pro-Ghostbusters III now as I have been in the past. I'd see it, get all giddy when the theme tune came on, roll my eyes when I discovered the UK sponsor was (probably) 118 118, laugh at all the predictable in-jokes, shake my head in disgust at the newbies who clearly won't be up to scratch and leave disappointed. I don't want to be disappointed by an over-flogged franchise. No Venkman means no Ghostbusters, just as much as no Ray or no Egon would mean no Ghostbusters. It saddens me to say this, but suck in the guts, guys; I think it's finally time to give up the ghost.

Image: Mark Smith