14 March 2012

Join us this evening for the launch event of FACT's new exhibition, Robots and Avatars. Co-curated with interdisiplinary design collective, body>data>space, the exhibition showcases some of the most exciting crossovers between art and technology in the realms of robots and avatars. 

Virtual words are increasingly spilling into our everyday lives, and equally we inputting ourselves more and more into the virtual. The exhibition explores this idea through immersive interactive experiences you can try out for yourself. On the ground floor in Gallery 1, you'll find Lawrence Malstaf's Compass amd Karina Smigla-Bobinski's ADA, both of which have been described as living, breathing installations. If you fancy becoming part robot on a Thursday night, Compass is actually a wearable piece of artwork. It will clamp round your waist and using centrifugal force, it will direct you round the gallery space, making make you feel like you are coming up against walls where there are no walls at all!

Out in the atrium Robovox will be consuming your texts and messages and voicing them for you, giving a voice to an individual in the crowd. Also on the ground floor, make sure you look carefully for Michael Takeo Magruder's Visions of Our Communal Dreams. All isn't quite what it first seems in these portals into a virtual world - created by Michael with students from Weatherhead High School. 

Gallery 2 contains a wide mix of online projects. Become part of The Electronic Man  and have your hands turned into pixels in Chris Sugre's Base 8. If you fancy building yourself a "greater social reputation" you can install a bot through Matthieu Cherubini's rep.licants.org

The private view at FACT is tonight from 6pm - 8pm, special thanks to Barefoot Wines for their sponsorship.