22 March 2012


26 March / 6.30pm / £6 £5 (members and concessions)

It was in 1987 when Paul Verhoeven directed RoboCop, set in the very ambiguous "near future" where a new breed of law enforcing half human / half robot cyborg is ruling the streets. OK so we obviously haven't reached Verhoeven's future yet but FACT's current exhibition, Robots and Avatars imagines what the future relationships with humans and robots could be. Appropriately, after visiting the exhibition, New Scientist's Paul Marks considers if Lawrence Malstaf's Compass could make life that bit more difficult for criminals. Take a look at the full article here.  

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

4 April / 6.30pm / £6 £5 (members and concessions)

The 1979 original motion picture from the Star Trek TV series. Admiral Kirk is leading his crew on the Starship Enterprise to investigate and intercept the alien cloud, V'Ger that is cutting through the Starfleet galaxy and approaching Earth. Eventually Enterprise and V'Ger meet, causing one of the crew to be abducted and replaced with a robot doppelganger.  

The Terminator

18 April / 6.30pm / £6 £5 (members and concessions)

Schwarzenegger is back on the big screen for this cyborg film to top all cyborg films. The Terminator is an assassin sent from 2029 to 1984 to exterminate what is left of the human race. Watch out Sarah Connor . . . 

Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis

1 May /  6.30pm / £6 £5 (members and concessions) 

An anime adaptation inspired by Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece. In the futuristic Metropolis, humans and robots coexist but the robots are segregated to the belly of the city, resented by the humans for taking their jobs. Tima, a humanoid robot realises that she must bridge the gap between the two races. The bright style of Tezuka's anime is a far throw away from Lang's black and white vision of the dystopian future. 
9 May / 6.30pm / £6 £5 (members and concessions) 

Set in the 25th century, THX 1138 is a 1971 science fiction film produced by George Lucas in his directorial debut. It was actually an adaptation of one of his student films, showing that everyone really does have to start somewhere. Another vision of a dystopian future (we are sensing a theme here!), this time android police officers reign over the human race pumping them full of suppressant drugs.