14 March 2012

Karina is a Polish artist who lives and works in Germany. We have had a look at her wide portfolio of work and it varies hugely from the helium filled ADA to a goldfish projected onto a theatre in Munich. A common thread is the mixed reality that she brings to everyday materials and situations and the importance of the involvement of the viewer. You can find images of a selection of her works in the related media. 


As part of FACT's Robots and Avatars exhibition, Karina will be installing ADA. The work is a transparent orb, about 3m in diamter which has taken up residence in its special white room in FACT. Though the room will not remain white for long as as soon as she is unleashed, ADA will immediately begin to transform the space with its charcoal prongs attached to the surface. Like Lawrence Malstaff's Compass, which takes over the space next to ADA, the orb needs the input of the viewer to become complete and reach the full realisation of the art work. Considering what consititutes the final artwork when speaking to Wired.co.uk, Karina says, "What here is exactly the work of art? ADA? Or the drawing on the wall? ... Or both? Once you set her into motion, she just works away, The blacker she gets from the charcoal and the more she is handled by visitors, the more she seems to be some kind of alive. Even I, who built her, sometimes gets the illusion of her being a living thing." I quite like the idea of a living, breathing orb living in our Gallery 1 for the upcoming months. 

You can "meet" ADA in the Robots and Avatars exhibition which opens Friday 16 March and runs until 27 May.