2 March 2012

Author Vicky Folksman

2015 is fast approaching, and as such I'm looking forward to Future Day, the day we all try to figure out just how close the two Bobs - Zemeckis and Gale - came to getting it right in Back to the Future II.

Knobless doors à la Hilldale, big flat-screen tellies and video conferencing are just a few of the things they nailed. Watching Fox and Flea 'Skyping' and 'The Jitz' butting in back in 1989 was groundbreaking then, but old news now - and we're still three years away!

So whilst I wait patiently for the day when we no longer need roads, I shall be following the labour of love that is the expert restoration of the original Back to the Future "A" Delorean, the main car used in all three films. Announced last week by Back to the Future creator Bob Gale, the much-loved time machine has become the figurehead of a campaign to track down the various original bits and pieces that 'went missing' or 'got adopted/liberated' when the movies finally wrapped so that they can be joined together again, like the most gloriously marvellous time travelling 80s jigsaw ever.

Gale also put out the following request:

"I am calling on all fans who either have original parts from any of the DeLoreans from the Back to the Future Trilogy, or who know of anyone who has such items, to become part of this important project. Please email us at: TimeMachineRestoration@gmail.com with details. You may have something we need, or you may be able to help us track down something we need. If so, you'll be duly acknowledged as a contributor to the restoration."

The project boasts its own Twitter and Facebook pages, already awash with brilliant behind-the-scenes images and never before seen original shots of the prop car and their worn out parts. I can't wait to see what they uncover next!

Oh, and in other awesome Back to the Future related news, the new 'flightless' hoverboard being produced by Mattel has just gone on a very limited pre-order (March 1st - March 20th).  Oh yes, baby! For a mere $120 you can have your very own replica of this incredible movie prop. Mattel are keen to point out that the board won't actually 'hover' but it will 'glide' across smooth surfaces, and make cool swooshy noises just like in the movie. It won't work on water, but you WILL have it in time for Christmas. Great Scott!