28 March 2012

We love Aardman Animations at FACT and I was so pleased when I found out that they were to release the new feature film, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, which should probably win a prize for the strangest film title this year. I knew already that the British animation house has brought us Wallace and Gromit,Shaun the Sheep and Morph to name a few legendary characters but did you know that they also make commercials? I had a dig around in the Aardman archives and found a few that made me laugh...

The Goo Games - Cadbury Creme Eggs

A series of stop-motion animations about the fictional Goo Games. Not only do they get me excited about the gooey qualities of a Creme Egg but also about the upcoming Olympic games by using catchphrases like, "Goo Zeland and Mexi'Goo in photo finish" and "Goo-sain Bolt spotted at games". My favourite bit has to be when a plucky egg unwraps itself during the opening ceremony and streaks onto the stadium (this had me laughing until it meets a splat-tastic end, which is actually a bit grim!) See the full line up here, though they always end up meeting a sticky end.  

Happy Days - KP Crisps

Directed by Sumo Science for Aardman, the KP Happy Days advert sees packets of crisps undertake their own happy days! Crisp classics such as Space Invaders, Skips and Hula Hoops form part of a roller coaster, a rocket with crispy exhaust fumes and they also have a go on a log flume. Wonderfully simple! 

Gulp - Nokia

Also in collaboration with Sumo Science, Gulp currently holds the title of the largest ever stop motion set and if you watch it right until the end you see why. A fisherman chugs along on waves created by sand on the beach and the tide. Everything is going to plan until he hooks a fish as big as his boat! The best bit about this advert is the skill involved in creating something so huge and when the camera pans out at the end, you realise that it had all been filmed on the new Nokia phone. 

If Aardman can fit this much into 30 seconds, then The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is sure to be a treat. You can book tickets online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 0871 902 5737.