28 February 2012

The moon geese have left the building ready for the troops of robots and avatars to take centre stage for our upcoming exhibition aptly titled, Robots and Avatars, opening on 16 March. No longer distant thought for the future, the exhibition will bring the integration of humans with technology into the FACT gallery spaces, though we promise you will leave intact at the end of your visit! 

The exhibition is co-produced with East London design collective, body>data>space, who have been producing commissions, exhibitions, research, learning experiences and more since 2005. Their work looks to the future of the human body and mind and how they interact with their ever developing digital surroundings.

As well as Robots and Avatars, body>data>space are currently working on the new MADE Commission which was recently won by UK artist, Joseph Hyde. He is currently creating a new telepresence work called Me and My Shadow which will be installed across four European cities. You can check out his blog to keep up to date with the project. For the installation, Hyde is going to use XBox Kinect sensors to capture peoples' movements and create portals from city to city. We have posted up a video of the development of the project in the related media. 

To find out more about the collective and their future work and visions, make sure you visit body>data>space's website. We look forward to the collective joining us in March.  

Image: DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME, body>data>space performance from Post Me_New ID European project. (2009) Photographer: Jean Paul Berthoin