11 January 2012

This Sunday, Emmy award winner Martin Wallace will be at FACT to take part in a Q&A session to accompany his feature debut, Small Creatures. The film was shot in Netherton and Liverpool docks and is about a teenager called Coggie who ignores all advice and ends up in trouble with the Police. He is smart but fails to keep his distance from Ste, a dangerous homophobe out to cause mayhem.

Martin is from Merseyside himself and currently lives in Crosby. In the Echo yesterday he explained why it was important for him to make a film so close to home, "I wanted to tell a story about how hard it is for kids, especially teenage boys, to do the right thing and how easy it for them to get into trouble and then be defined by that". He also said how pleased he was for the teen actors in the film and what great performances they gave as the lads were only 14 and 15.

Martin is most famous for the music videos which he has worked on. These include On by Aphex Twin, City Sickness by Tindersticks and My Legendary Girlfriend by Pulp as well as many more.