26 January 2012

Freehand, FACT's young people's programme, has been awarded £29,620 from First Light's Young Film Fund to develop a unique project aimed at  young people living in economically disadvantaged areas. Working with  industry professionals, the young people will make their first films and  take these skills and confidence forward into other areas of their life.

Young people will be at the heart of the creative process and all ideas will come directly from them. They will be involved with every aspect of the production process from drawing storyboards and writing the scripts to directing and lighting the films alongside industry professionals.

First Light is a nationwide organisation based in Birmingham which helps young people, from all backgrounds develop their skills, talent, creativity and confidence by providing opportunities for young people to work with industry professionals on high quality youth led digital media projects. First Light distributes £1.1 million of National Lottery money, through BFI funding as part of the 'Young Film Fund', each year.

FACT's Young People's Coordinator, Louise Latter says "The young people will explore film in a unique way. The ideas are unusual, taking on different styles and appealing to lots of different audiences."

First Light CEO, Leigh Thomas says, "I look forward to seeing the finished films as I know that the young people will work very hard producing them over the coming months."