25 January 2012

Kosmica is a monthly event run by The Arts Catalyst that brings together people interested in sharing cultural ideas about space (moon colonisation, hunting aliens, space kitchen equipment… you get the drift). It is venturing out of London for the first time to accompany the current exhibition, Republic of the Moon, here at FACT on 31 January.

This month's Kosmica is programmed by WE COLONISED THE MOON (who have a weekend astronaut in residence in our Gallery 1) and artist and curator Nahum Mantra who coordinates ITACCUS (International Astronautical Federation's Technical Committee on the Cultural Utilisation of Space)!  The all female line up will include presentations by Hilde de Bruijn of the Moon Life Foundation, Space Psychologist Dr Iya Whiteley, Bee Thakore of the Planetary Society and filmmaker Ulrike Kubatta.

The Moon Life Foundation's mission statement speculates on the possibility that humans will live in space in the future and with that in mind, the foundation invites artists, architects and designers to create futuristic and radical concepts for an extreme lunar environment. One thing that it has produced is the Moon Life Concept Store, which contains products for life on the Moon developed by artists, designers and architects at the foundation's Moon Academy.  Some of its products include a compass that would always point to Earth, a Vogue from the year 2050 and a handbook about daily life on the Moon, all essential items for a future space explorer. 

Photo: Ilya Rabinovich