21 December 2011

Today the Guardian published an article about new research into the health benefits of birdsong which also includes a bit of tweet audio so you can try it yourself. The study will aim to find if being exposed to birdsong can help us relax, can assist us in completing tasks as well as thinking creatively.

Here at FACT we know very well what the impact can be - we delivered a very successful art project that has put the therapeutic sounds of birdsong into the corridors of Alder Hey children's hospital. The work is part of a major arts health programme called Healthy Spaces, where, working in partnership with the council, PCT and other health providers, FACT have delivered a number of new media art interventions in health centres and hospitals across Liverpool.  The Telegraph wrote about the installation when it first opened, so take a look for some more info.

So proof that arts interventions are a very cost effective way to make a difference to these often cold, clinical environments, as well as exposing new audiences to art in unexpected ways! We also wonder if birdsong would be able to relax the Christmas shoppers taking over town at the moment.