6 December 2011

What would you imagine the Moon to smell like/? Cheese? Dust? Well artist duo WE COLONISED THE MOON have the answer…. like gunpowder. But this Moon smell isn't a regular smell. After all, as the Moon has no atmosphere, it has no smell at all, but when the Apollo crew came back to Earth, they smelt of something.  When they brought the moon dust into their spacecraft it came into contact with oxygen and moisture and gave off a scent that the spacemen likedned to gunpowder.

WE COLONISED THE MOON asked industrial chemists to synthesise the smell and are bringing it into the FACT galleries for the Republic of the Moon exhibition. Enter At Own Risk will contain a laboratory like room where an astronaut will garden the moonscape, spraying it with the synthesised smell. Did you see the adverts for Liverpool folk to audition for the chance to be an astronaut? Well now you know why! The astronaut will venture out between 2pm and 6pm at the weekends to make sure everything is smelling sweetly. 

WE COLONISED THE MOON are German artist Hagen Betzwieser and British artist Sue Corke. They recently installed a laboratory at the ACME Project Space in London and called the work 101 (Mostly) Harmless (Almost) Scientific Experiments To Try At Home. Take a look at the video online here, it gives a great taste of the playful nature of the duo! And the artists' mission statement,  "Different planet. Same concept."