23 November 2011

What is exciting about Woody Allen's Alice is his unique take on the Alice in Wonderland tale that we all know and loveā€¦ or at least the one that we think we know. In this 1990 adaptation, Alice is not a young girl will flowing blonde hair in a land of make-believe and wonder, instead she is a middle-class well-kept lady who lives in Manhattan about to go on a journey through a wonderland of her own.

Happily married Alice who has never done a dishonest thing in her life has her mind opened to new thoughts and ideas when she falls in love with a musician. Things become curiouser and curiouser when the guilt that she feels for lusting after the wrong man transpires into nagging aches and pains. She goes to visit Dr. Yang (the caterpillar? or maybe even the mad hatter!) who hypnotises her and prescribes a concoction of herbs and smoke.

Things start to get more complicated in Alice's life as these magical remedies turn her invisible, allow her to communicate with the dead and create intense hallucinations. Mixed in with her already complicated real life, Alice is soon on a rollercoaster of a quest to find herself, deep within this wonderland of her own making.