11 November 2011

The Future is a film with a really creepy start to the trailer, check it out and you'll see what we mean! You first hear a child like trademark horror voice squeaking "We'll come back for you Paw Paw" before you see a bandaged cat's paw come onto the screen.  This starts to make more sense however and becomes much more "Miranda July" when the cat introduces Sophie and Jason, a thirty-something year old couple about to take the next step in their relationship... adopting Paw Paw the cat!

Jason and Sophie (played by Miranda July) have to wait a month before the cat can leave the adoption centre, and what a month this is. As the couple realise they are in for 10 years of being responsible for their new furry housemate, the couple embark on trying to do everything they every want to do in a massive journey of self-discovery... all in thirty days! Sophie attempts to be a viral sensation and Jason becomes obsessed with fate and over the days they drift further apart wondering… just what does the future hold?

Fans of July's debut film, Me You and Everyone We Know will love The Future as it shares her same trademark indie quirkiness. Oh and by the way... That creepy horror cat voice. That's July herself!