18 November 2011

On first glance at the film listings at FACT, you might think that Snowtown  is  a Christmas film come early but that is defintately not the case! Snowtown is based on the disturbing events that unfolded just north of Adelaide, Australia in 1999.

All isn't what it seems in Snowtown. The film centres on a teenage boy, Jamie, who is having a difficult time looking after his depressed Mum. One evening, when she is invited on a long sought after date, Jamie becomes the victim of molestation at the hands of his babysitter. This act becomes the catalyst for the horrific events later on.

Jamie's Mum finds out what has happened to her son and becomes involved with John Bunting who makes it his mission to drive the paedophile out of town, using teenage Jamie as his weapon. You soon realise that the battle isn't John vs. paedophiles, but more John vs. anyone who he just doesn't like and what happened to Jamie is just an excuse to justify his bloody actions, which gave him the title of Australia's most notorious serial killer.