21 November 2011

Newsreel 1 is a series of movies about London that doesn't contain actors or scripts or other conventional traits that we are used to seeing in cinema. Instead, UK director Alex Reuben has captured the sound and movement of everyday people experiencing current events, bringing them to the big screen.

Lasting just over an hour, the film paints a picture of contemporary London and the mix of everything it has to offer from British pubs, to a pro Ai Weiwei gathering. Reuben was a DJ on the London Rhumba scene, which comes across in the party feel of the film, which also includes footage of Rosemary Lee's recent project, Square Dances.

After the film, Reuben will be on hand for one of his Dance Reel Q&A sessions which include the manifesto for a moving cinema called Folk Film which he describes as a call to cinematic arms.

Presented in collaboration with Merseyside Dance Initiative.