15 November 2011

The future of being online has been at the forefront of our thinking caps at FACT this month, with the democratisation of the web being the theme of the Martha Lane Fox Roy Stringer Event at the beginning of the month, followed by TEDx which looked at our Mobile Future last week. Continuing these themes and addressing the future of storytelling online, FACT is hosting the Narrative Futures symposium this Thursday. We have invited artists; developers and thinkers to consider how new media technologies are changing the way that we consume and engage with narrative and storytelling. 

The afternoon event will start at 2.30pm and will include contributions and performances from Andy Campbell (producer of online story Inanimate Alice), Mark Amerika (writer and new media pioneer), Marialaura Ghidini (founder of or-bits.com), Kristin Lucas (performance artist), Helen Bendon  (Middlesex University), Scott Lindenbaum (co-founder of Electric Literature) and Jeremy Bailey who you might have caught performing in the Shipping Forecast  as part of the AND Festival. 

We've had a bit of a sneak preview of Jeremy Bailey's performance and it really is fantastic. His practice involves building software then placing himself within in it. He has recently developed a way of drawing with his own mind! To do this he wears a very fetching headset which allows him to be able to control a colour wheel depending how relaxed or focused his is (FYI Jeremy likes to relax by listening to Enya). To move the wheel around the screen he uses screen with positive and negative thoughts which is great to watch as he needs to WOO! and YEAH! in order to make it move around the screen.