14 November 2011

The world of Eurotrash cinema is one that spans many genres, from Spaghetti Westerns to Horror-Porn, but what brings them all together is their use of extreme melodrama to cause a scene and to tell a story. For FACT, Eurotrash cinema also equals cult! Cult cinema, cult actors, cult directors... Basically we just love the Eurotrash aesthetic (bold, brash and extreme!) which represented the alternative to European traditional cinema from around the 50s onwards.

We have teamed up with the University of Liverpool's School of Languages to deliver our very own celebration of this genre: Eurotrash: Melodrama and European Cinema. This first film in the series will be Belle de Jour, this Wednesday at 6.30pm. We asked FACT's curator Omar why this film was chosen to kick off the series and he said that he loves Catherine Deneuve, that the film is a great classic example of 1960's Eurotrash cinema but also that it is important to show that Billie Piper is not the first Belle de Jour!

Further films in the series include Inferno on 30 November, Labyrinth of Passion on 7 December and Querelle on 14 December.