11 November 2011

This years AND festival was a series of happenings, installations, performances and discussions (to name a few!) inspired by the theme of belief. The exhibition at FACT continues this theme by showcasing the work of artists who explore the theme in ways that are playful, political and deeply philosophical.

Gallery 2 contains Thirty Days of Running in the Place, by the late Egyptian artist, Ahmed Basiony who was sadly shot in the recent uprising in Tahrir square.  The installation contains two large scale screens consciously located in such a way that it is hard to take them both in at the same time. The original Thirty Days of Running in the Place, created in 2010, shown on one side, shows Basiony jogging daily for one hour digitally recording how far he ran and how much sweat he produced. This is juxtaposed across the room with footage captured in the heart of Tahrir Square in the days before Basiony's death. 

The footage in Tahrir Square was found on his laptop after his death and it is believed that this was to form part of a second performance that the artist had prepared to present. The important relationship between art, revolution and dissidence is to be used as a starting point for a discussion on Monday evening with Tahir Qassim MBE and artist Nina Edge, led by FACT curator, Omar Kholeif.