25 November 2011

A film adaptation of the play by Terence Rattigan (a timely release as it is the centenary anniversary of his birth) and as the first narrative release from Davies in 11 years, Deep Blue Sea has been hotly anticipated.

Deep Blue Sea is about the love and affairs in the post war London of the 1950s and the angst which comes with them. Hester Collyer (played by Rachel Weisz) seems to have it all worked out. She has a privileged life as the wife of a high court judge, but sick of being seen as a trophy wife, she has an affair with a young RAF pilot named Freddie Page. She has been warned by her husband's mother, "beware of passion Hesta, it always leads to something ugly"...and she's right. 

As well as having a storyline full of emotion, the best thing about Deep Blue Sea is its beautiful cinematography, which is incredibly theatrical. On Tuesday, Liverpool born Terence Davies will be at FACT for a Q&A session.