26 October 2011

If you haven’t been experienced ZEE yet, there’s still time as it resides within FACT’s Gallery 1 for another month. ZEE has been described like a real-life Enter the Void, like being a Pixel in a Nam June Paik video, as close to an out-of-body experience as could be imagined… the analogies go on and have been setting FACT’s twitter feed alight!


Our FACT filmmakers were set the challenge of capturing the ZEE experience and were able to interview ZEE’s creator, Kurt Hentschläger (who is absolutely great by the way! We love how he describes the installation as a ‘monsterpiece’!) Here is the footage they collected which includes interviews with visitors and Kurt as well as a peek within ZEE itself…



ZEE runs from 12pm until 6pm Sunday to Monday and from 11am – 6pm on a Saturday at 15 past and 15 to the hour. Visitors are required to sign a disclaimer (available to download here) before entering the space and must be over 18.