22 September 2011

FACT is getting ready to host the UK premiere of ZEE, an immersive installation that will transform Gallery 1 into an out of this world experience. We wanted to find out more about the artist behind the piece...

Chicago based and Austrian born Kurt Hentschläger has been creating audiovisual installations since 1983. His early pieces of work were been described as surreal machine-objects, and he has since been working with media, film, animation and sound. 

Between 1992 and 2003 Kurt formed half of the artist duo Granular-Synthesis, (the other half being Ulf Langheinrich who exhibited here at FACT during the Liverpool Biennial 2008). For their performances and installations, they re-sequenced, looped and rearranged short sections of sound and images in what they call 'audiovisual resynthecizing'. This process creates large visual and acoustic symphonies which form an experience rather than a linear and narrative piece. 

Kurt's current work builds upon initial research carried out through Granular-Synthesis into the impact of new technologies on human perception. Previously exhibited in New York, Lille and Ars Electronica, now ZEE is coming to the UK for the first time! 

We're not going to tell you much more about ZEE for now....it's definitely a piece that has to be experienced! So for now, here some reactions from people who have been lucky enough to experience ZEE. Plus, we'll leave you with a top tip from FACT Producer Nick...,"make sure you breathe through your nose, not your mouth!".

ZEE will be installed at FACT as part of the Abandon Normal Devices at FACT exhibition from 29 September - 27 November. Entry is FREE.


Please note: you will be required to sign a disclaimer before entering ZEE. Unfortunately it is only open to over 18’s for this reason, if you appear to be younger than this we may require proof of age.