30 September 2011

The idea for Melancholia was sparked when von Trier was in treatment for depression. A therapist told him that depressives act more calmly in violent situations as they already expect that everything that happens to them to be awful. 

The planet, Melancholia, has been hiding behind the sun but is now heading on a collision course straight with the Earth. Two sisters react very differently to the news if this impending doom. Justine, played by Kirsten Dunst is celebrating her lavish wedding while her sister Claire grows more anxious of the mysterious planet. As Melancholia fills the night sky, relationships are thrown into turmoil and all of human nature is put under the microscope. 

The film has already gained notoriety after von Trier's recent appearance/ejection at Cannes earlier this year where Kirsten Dunst picked up the Best Actress award. Melancholia has been tipped as von Trier's most mainstream film to date; a beautiful film about the end of the world.

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