27 September 2011

As part of the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) film programme, Filipino director Brilliante Mendoza will be in FACT this Friday afternoon accompanying the screening of his most recent film Kinatay with a Q&A session. 

Kinatay is a violent thriller and has been cited by the AND team as an essential piece of contemporary cinema. The film follows Pepoy, a young trainee policeman struggling to find the money to support his new wife and child. Reluctantly accepting work from local loan sharks, Pepoy is drawn unwillingly into the protracted, brutal torture of a young prostitute unable to repay her debt.

After Mendoza won Best Director at Cannes for Kinatay in 2009, beating Quentin Tarantino to the prize, Tarantino wrote to him saying the film was "bold, daring and...the whole point of making movies in the first place."

We are honoured to have Mondoza here at FACT. The world's film critics regard him as an ultra-neo-realist for his films that depict social realities and the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

Kinatay will be screened at FACT on Friday 30 September at 4.50pm as part of Abandon Normal Devices.  

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