9 September 2011

We are so flippin excited about the release of Troll Hunter we have graced a cover of the FACT brochure with it’s beastly face!

Directed by Norwegian, André Øvredal, the film has gone down so well with critics that the rights of the film have already been bought for an American remake (apparently the ultimate compliment!).


Set deep in the forests of Norway, Hans, an Animal Control Department employee has been hunting for unseen big beasts for years but this time is different. He is being trailed by a group of students, armed pretty much only with a video camera, who are trying to discover the truth behind some mysterious animal deaths for a college assignment. The Norwegian government says that there is nothing to worry about, it’s just a big bear problem, but they soon come across the beasts of Norwegian legends, the trolls.


A mockumentary cited as “Muppets meets Blair Witch but in a good way” by Mark Kermode (btw, see him in fleshy 3D at FACT on the 29 November!), Troll Hunter is definitely not to be missed.  One thing to remember when watching the film is that a myth so deep within Norwegian folklore had to have started somewhere…  If you don’t know what a Tosserlad, a Ringlefinch or even a Larde Jutne is, you will soon.


FACT is the ONLY place you can see Troll Hunter in Liverpool so join the hunt and buy your tickets online, in person at the Box Office or by calling 0871 902 5737.