12 July 2011

The new exhibition in FACT titled Worlds in the Making is by artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, otherwise known as Semiconductor. This is the first major UK solo show for Semiconductor and was created in the Galapagos Islands. The intriguing title and writing on this exhibition sounded like it could be of great inspiration to both artists and others with a general interest in art, technology and science.


The entrance to Gallery 1 is a long narrow corridor and at the corner is a large-scale three-screen installation that at first glance simply shows a slow almost still video of a rural setting exempt from anything manmade. A few seconds later, the video begins to use technology to connect the relation of art and science by showing effects on the screen that change, moves and manipulates the volcanic setting.


Gallery 2 on the second floor is more of a place to walk around rather than be engrossed in the large screen downstairs. With off-centre stacked televisions and a projection on one wall, it’s easy to be quickly distracted by various sounds, which can prompt a walk around the room in different directions. Semiconductor have shown how simplicity can on occasion be preferable and can just as easily be used to engage viewers.

Sarah Little, LJMU

Worlds in the Making is open at FACT until 11 September