28 June 2011

Before watching Green Lantern, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised with its outcome.


This sci-fi, superhero fantasy, combines the ordinary world of Hal Jordan (a cocky test pilot desperately trying to live up to his father's reputation) with the intergalactic world of a green lantern army, who each own a green lantern ring- granting them the superpowers they so desperastely desire to maintain peace and justice amongst their planet. Hal, through no choice of his own, is chosen as the first human to serve the Green Lanterns. 


Defiant at first, the Green Lanterns have very little respect for Hal, however it is evident Hal is the 'missing piece' in the intergalactic universe. We see Hal's determination and strength allow him to master his super powers and help the Green Lanterns defeat the evil Parallax. 

Personally, I tend to steer away from films of the sci-fi genre, however as I said, I was pleasantly surprised with the film's outcome. Having said this,I don't feel the film is to everyone's taste, and would definitely be favoured by those with a passion for all things space and sci-fi.

The plot itself, was interesting and relatively easy to understand- although I feel the ending was very predictable for a film of its genre. The acting was of a decent standard and main character Hal had his funny moments. The poignant element of Green Lantern would definitely have to be the graphics and picture quality. 


The effects were of a high standard and were especially fantastic in 3D. Overall, I feel Green Lantern is not to everyone's taste, and definitely not a 'must see' of 2011.


Nevertheless I would certainly recommend Green Lantern to those with a passion for space, purple aliens, super powers and intergalactic universes...

Emily (Freehand)

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