24 June 2011

From the word go I was hooked in to the storyline and plot of the new (DC comic book) film – Green Lantern. We are introduced to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), a test pilot for fighter jets whose world is turned upside down when he encounters a purple alien who dies in Hal’s hands. A lot more character build up would have been nice, especially with Hector Hammonds part (Peter Sarsgaard). Yet not many flaws can be picked out from the film, I can happily admit I wasn’t put off with any obvious comic book clichés.

I personally most enjoyed the end of credits, mainly for the fact that we are given a clue on whether a sequel is coming our way or not! (Stay till the end folks!) All in all, a good flick, in parts I feel I needed a bit more explaining of what was going on, who was who and why, Maybe I couldn’t focus on the prologue, (It comes early on.) Though I’ve got to say THIS is what comic books should always be like!

Summary: If you want reality, don’t watch The Green Lantern, yet if you enjoy pure escapism, special effects, classic good versus evil, masks and costumes plus Ryan Reynolds regularly topless (No surprises there!) then The Green Lantern is for you. 

Sean (Freehand)

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