9 May 2011

Stephen Mclaren's exhibition Moral Hazard is an on-going documentary project examining the City of London’s role in the global financial crisis. Focusing on intimate and surreal scenes of ordinary City employees in candid moments, the project suggests the financial crisis to be the result of a delinquent mindset at the heart of London and the UK.

Simon Barber's The Big Society takes us on a road trip along the hidden lanes and narrows of the UK, examining Britain from the perspective of people trying to negotiate their way through the chaos brought about by the banking crisis.

Simon travelled 12000 miles around the UK over three years photographing not the movers or the shakers, but those surviving the will of the powerful. The shop staff made to dance for their employers each morning, the sex workers stumbling around the darkened streets of Bradford looking for punters. The skivers and the squaddies, the lucky and the losers.

Both exhibitions will be on display in FACT's first floor bar until 26 June.