14 April 2011

Freehand is FACT’s programme for young people aged 13 – 19. From 13 – 19 April, they are taking over Gallery 2 with What Can Youth Do as part of Knowledge Lives Everywhere. This video has been made by Freehanders, Joe, Rachel and Amy, to give some background on Freehand and the thoughts behind the themes of the week.


Throughout the week, the ‘zine desk will be open so anyone can come along and contribute to the fanzine. The Freehanders have been working on this for a couple of months now and it has a bit of everything in it, from their own artwork to fashion ideas and book reviews. What sounds particularly exciting has to be the spoof adverts created by Joe which feature throughout the ‘zine. We had fun spotting these adverts with the special “Freehand” Twist.  Also, don’t miss the Digital Storytelling Workshop on 16 April, you can find out some more info about it here.


Even though Freehand is for young people, the title of the week can also be read as What Can You Do? This play on words is important to the Freehanders as they wanted everyone of all ages to be able to have a think about what they could do themselves. After hearing the exciting stories of what the Freehanders have been up to (for example designing futuristic communication suits with the Cornerhouse!!), you quickly get the sense that anything is possible. 

Click here for more information about Freehand and how to join.