17 March 2011

As part of our next exhibition Knowledge Lives EverywhereJoan Burnett (FACT's Visitor Services Manager, film buff and local activist) gives her thoughts on..

What film best captures the spirit of Liverpool? for our Twitter film programme.
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Directed by Bill Anderson
Writers: Jimmy McGovern, Irvine Welsh
Although written for TV, Dockers deserves an airing here at FACT. Recently, someone new to the city asked me about the plaques from union branches all over the world on display in The Casa on Hope Street. I found myself telling them about the dockers' dispute; the long, grinding war of attrition that was the lock-out and the eventual outcome, with The Casa being part of the legacy. I should have just given them the DVD and told them to watch, because it's far more eloquent than I could ever be.

Find out more about Dockers here. 

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