7 March 2011

FACT is pleased to announce the return of the ArteFACT series of exhibitions in its public spaces. Through link-ups with artist groups and studios in the city, alongside open submission exhibitions and connections with annual arts festivals in the city, ArteFACT will enliven the building by providing a stimulating counterpoint to exhibitions in the main galleries and a platform for local artists to reach the wide audience that FACT attracts. 

FACT is inviting submissions for the upcoming ArteFACT exhibition. For this exhibition we’re interested in artists working primarily in 2D whose work explores the relationship between art and technology, either in the production of the work or in the themes and ideas it addresses. Work submitted can be in any medium, with particular interest given to pieces that broaden FACT’s main themes and ideas, taking on board new perspectives. 

The theme for this ArteFACT is ‘Society’. If you think your work is suitable please send 
• 5 images (jpeg) to artefact@fact.co.uk 
• Titles of work(s) and short descriptions 
• A brief statement about yourself and your practice. 
• Your contact details. 
Primary focus will be given to wall based work that is ready to hang, but we are able to offer a small printing budget courtesy of Hobs Reprographics for works that have not yet been printed, framed or mounted. 

Submission deadline: 10 March (2011)

Unfortunately we are unable to offer feedback to applicants, if you have not received a confirmation e-mail from us then you have been unsuccessful with your submission, but you may enter as many times as you like.

We look forward to seeing your work!