1 February 2011

Join our good friends at the Bluecoat this Friday for a performance from Polarbear, one of the UK's most exciting Spoken Word artists. 

RETURN: A Spoken Film
the Bluecoat
04 February, 8.00pm
£5.00/£4.00 (concs)

Birmingham born wordsmith Polarbear follows the successful national tour of 'If I cover my nose you can't see me' with a new forward-thinking, live literature piece RETURN.

RETURN tells the story of Noah, a man trying to figure out where he fits. Convinced he had to leave home in order to make his mark, Noah returns to a world where a lot of things seem the same but nothing actually is.

Combining storytelling with a distinctive design and live musical score RETURN exploits its relationship with cinematic genres. The show journeys through scenes and landscapes, encouraging you to explore and, like a film director, be challenged to re-imagine as the story unfolds...

"One of the most exciting spoken word artists in the UK at the moment, he draws audiences into incredible worlds that he conjures up on the stage."
Richard Duffy, Senior Producer, BAC

Tickets available from www.thebluecoat.org.uk or 0151 702 5324