7 February 2011

As the next installment in our Classic Tuesday's series, and to coincide with our Lo-fi Generation season, we are screening Richard Linklater’s seminal indie film, Slacker (1991) tomorrow evening! 

This is a unique slice-of-life series of linked, but barely related episodes that follow the socially disconnected, overly educated, and barely motivated denizens of the coffeehouses, clubs, bars, apartments, stores, and streets of the college town of Austin, Texas.

Filmed on a shoestring budget of $23,000, Slacker is a cult sensation that launched a thousand imitators, replete with garrulous, too-cool twenty-somethings debating pop culture phenomena -- none of which can match the spacey, floating-camera timbre of the original.

The Sundance Film Festival has marked the film's 20th anniversary by selecting it as the special From The Collection screening for 2011. 


This screening will be preceded by a special introduction from Dr. David Sorfa, Senior Lecturer of Film at Liverpool John Moores University.

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