11 January 2011

To see and hear more about this fascinating artist, check out these newly uploaded short video clips from a recent event at FACT as part of DaDaFest 2010. Stelarc appeared in conversation with comedian Liz Carr in the third of a programme of annual lectures in honour of FACT’s late Chairman Roy Stringer. 

1 - Is the human body obsolete?

2 - How do we cope with change to the body?

3 - Why experiment on your own body?

4 - Would having a prosthetic arm be enough for you?

5 - Conclusion and a surprise for Stelarc!

The FACT Fellowship was initiated to offer a more formal relationship with academic and cultural leaders who contribute to FACT’s future through research and development. The Fellows project is about FACT’s commitment to the intertwined ideas of technology and creativity.

Mike Stubbs, Director/CEO of FACT said:
"Stelarc has challenged ideas about the future of being human through experimentation across art and science for his entire career. We are honoured to have him as a FACT Fellow."

More information about our research programme can be found here