21 December 2010

The Nam June Paik exhibition is now open, so if you're in need of a break from Christmas shopping make sure you pop in to our galleries (entry is FREE).


Members of Freehand, our young people's programme have been working hard over the last few months to create a space inspired by Paik in the Media Lounge on the ground floor. Here's some more information from one of the Freehanders. 


Video artist Nam June Paik was one of the most cutting-edge artists of the 20th century and to celebrate, FACT and Tate have collaborated to showcase some of the innovative work Paik created. As part of the collaboration, Freehand, have been working with artist Dave Evans to create an interactive space for the Media Lounge which is located here at FACT.


Our aim for the project was to design an interesting, exciting space that both reflected the work Paik has produced and in which the public could get involved. First, we attended a workshop to brainstorm ideas and create a model version of our Media Lounge. After researching Paik’s work, we decided we’d like the Media Lounge to be a television wherein the public could enter and interact. We determined that the public would actually be ‘inside’ the television and to do so, we established we’d have to position a small camera inside and outside of the Media Lounge. (This would then show on a smaller television outside, creating the illusion you’re inside!)


We attended several workshops to create the inside of the television and decided it would be split into two sections; a front and a back. The front reflects one of Paik’s most famous pieces (TV Cello). To do this, we made musical instruments by attaching wires to clear Perspex which we then wired to an electric pick up. The instruments will be attached to several televisions at the front of our very own Media Lounge ‘Television’ ready for the public to play and be part of a Paik piece.

In our next meetings, we made the components and wiring that would make up the back of our television using foam tubes and paint. All that is left for our project is the initial construction. I think it has been a fantastic opportunity for Freehand to create something exciting for FACT and get to know about Nam June Paik himself.

By Emily Moore, Freehand Member

Find out more here. 

Media Lounge at FACT, photograph by Stephen King