13 December 2010

Come and see Michael Haneke’s Funny Games (1997) in a special split-screen format showcasing both the original film, and the American remake produced a decade later.


Michael Haneke’s classic psychological thriller about two young men who hold a family hostage, and torture them with sadistic games for their amusement. But instead of gory violence, this beautifully crafted masterpiece of German cinema, utilizes Brechtian devices to push the viewer to the limits.  For the first time, the German version of the film will be screened as part of a dual-screen screen projection, alongside the 2007 American remake, also directed by Haneke. Presenting double the thrills, and double the action, this screening is set to be an un-missable event.


The screening serves as the launch of a new book called The Cinema of Michael Haneke: Europe Utopia (Wallflower / Columbia University Press) by Ben McCann and David Sorfa (eds.). The event will be accompanied with a special discussion by David Sorfa, Senior Lecturer in Film at Liverpool John Moores University.

You can read an article on Michael Haneke by David Sorfa here. 

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Classic Tuesday: Funny Games - Dual Experiment