7 December 2010


Tomorrow's Christmas Community Film Night focuses on one of Liverpool's most individual creative voices. Chris Shepherd (Wiki) a filmmaker and artist whose personal sense of humour and his innovative style and collaboration is inspiring a new generation of filmmakers. We'll be looking at the following pieces of his work:

1. Broken Jaw (1997)
2. World Championship Stare Out Final
3. Who I am and What I Want (co-directed with David Shrigley, 2005)
4. Bad Night for the Blues (Premiere, 2010)

There will also be a panel discussion with the Chris, Liverpool-born actress Jean Boht (who was made famous when she appeared in the role of Nellie Boswell in Carla Lane's Bread), and actor, Keiran Lynn (who appear in Chris' new film Bad Night For the Blues, also with Jean Boht).