29 November 2010

Sophie one of the fantastic members of FACT's Young People's Programme Freehand reviews the latest installment in the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

"This award winning, fantasy-like, extraordinary film filled the seats of the cinema screens, as it is one of the most popular films shown this year.


This film takes a different approach to the past 6 films, they are no longer walking round the moving corridors of Hogwarts. They go their own way on a quest to find the Horcruxes and destroy them, not forgetting that they are on the run from Voldemort and his forces. The aim is that because there are little pieces of Voldemorts soul in everyday objects (Horcruxes), by destroying them, it will make Voldemort weaker and will be to Harry’s advantage.


 The three friends, Harry, Hermione and Ron begin their quest finding a Horcrux, which is a locket. While camping in the woods, the trio start having doubts about their future as friends. This shows a different side of the trio, the one I had never seen in them when they were younger in the previous films.


 All the main characters Harry, Hermione and Ron have all developed throughout the seven films as we can see in this film. They have matured and are taking the next step on their own as adults, we can see this in the scene where Hermione erases her parent’s memories of herself for their safety.


This film creates different emotions throughout, humour, frustration, sadness, and confusion. Harry suffers loss in the beginning and the end of the film of old friends from previous films. In one scene of the film, Hermione casts a spell on Harry to make him look like someone else ‘Dudley’ when the snatchers in the woods catch them to hide his identity. This also portrays responsibility and maturity in the trio of friends, helping each other out when needed the most.


Throughout the film, it is a fight to survive and destroy, there is conflict created with Harry and Ron over Hermione within the film. With all the Harry Potter films, there are always the best action bits and the long boring bits that you want out the way.  I think this film has a good storyline and is different from the others in a way, I’m not really interested in the Harry Potter films but I would defiantly recommend this film."

By Sophie - Freehand Member

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