26 November 2010

In 2007, FACT's Kevin Casey started photographing the ever-increasing number of Liverpool pubs that had closed down. Once an important part of their community, most of the pubs had been hit by the smoking ban, cheap supermarket alcohol, the recession and, above all, a changing culture where a night at the 'local' was no longer the automatic choice for an evening out. 

For decades, the pub has been a familiar feature on the landscape. Once, there was almost literally a 'pub on every corner'. Now, they are disappearing, often hanging on as empty buildings awaiting either alternative uses or demolition. Like so many other aspects of Liverpool's heritage, the traditional neighborhood pub is a threatened species and Kevin Casey's book is an apt reminder of what is being lost to the community and urban landscape. 

Closing Time is available at the FACT Shop or online.  

Join us on 01 December to celebrate the launch of Closing Time, and take part in the tenantspin webcast discussing the book and the demise of the local pub. Liverpool One Brewery have generously donated real ales for the event.