14 October 2010

Tehching Hsieh is currently exhibiting in FACT, ad part of the Liverpool Biennial 2010. This extensive catalogue documents his career as he undertakes a series of one-year gruelling performances. In the unfolding series of these projects Hsieh moved from a year of solitary confinement without any communication, to the piece currently in FACTs Gallery 1- Time Clock Piece, a year in which he punched a worker’s time clock in his studio on the hour every hour, to a year spent living without any shelter on the streets, to a year in which he was tied closely to the artist Linda Montano without ever touching and, lastly, to a year of total abstention from art activities and influences.

After years of near-invisibility Hsieh collaborated with the writer and curator Adrian Heathfield to create this meticulous and visually arresting record of the complete body of his artworks from 1978-1999. Out of Now is the first extensive critical account of these remarkable works. Heathfield's astute meditation is complemented by an intensive exchange with the artist and a set of letters from leading art theorists Peggy Phelan and Carol Becker, and the internationally acclaimed artists Marina Abramovic, Santiago Sierra, and Tim Etchells. 

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