4 October 2010

Abandon Normal Devices festival -  a hybrid experiment of cinema, performance and media art has already caused a stir in Manchester. Check out the links below to see what's been happening so far, and see a schedule of what's coming up tonight and tomorrow. 

 Lawrence Malstaf shrink-wraps himself at Freemasons' Hall.

Lap-dancing Librarians at Cornerhouse for the riotous Midnight Mass

Monday 04 October
7.00pm - #Media 2010 Screening: Glowing Hearts (Cornerhouse)
8.00pm - Gleaners: Archive Remix & Live Soundtracks (Kings Arms Salford)
8.40pm - Screening: Service, Dir. Brillante Mendoza (Cornerhouse)

Tuesday 05 October
11.00am - Workshop: One Button Challenge Day 2 (Fab Lab)
12.00pm - AND Salon Debate: Identity Mutation (The International Anthony Burgess Institute)
2.00pm - Workshop: Kennard and Bunting Day 1 (Islington Mill) 
3.00pm - Tour: Engels and Marx in Manchester (Meet at Cornerhouse)
4.00pm - Lawrence Malstaff performance: Shrink (Freemason's Hall)
4.00pm - Screening: Life 2.0 Dir. Jason Spingarn-Koff (Cornerhouse)
6.00pm - In Conversation: Gleaners (Cornerhouse)
6.30pm - Artist's Talk: Lawrence Malstaff (Freemason's Hall)
7.30pm - Live Cinema: Kinematic - UnSpooling Projectors (greenroom) 
8.40pm - Screening: Caterpillar, Dir. Koji Wakamutsi

See full details at the AND website