14 September 2010

Tonight, we show the great film director Werner Herzog's classic 1972 film Aguirre: The Wrath of God (see trailer here). All film buffs will know Herzog and this masterpiece about a group of Spanish conquistadors travelling down the Amazon river on a ill-fated trip to discover El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold. An adventure movie, it focusses on the psychological breakdown of its main character, played by the intense Klaus Kinski. The surreal, climactic scene that illustrates the height of his madness involves a raft overrun with monkeys (trippy stuff, though they are pretty cute). 

The film was shot on location in the Amazon, in a brutal five week shooting schedule that tested the limits of the director and his crew. However, Werner Herzog is no regular director. A burly German man with a notably rough, monotonous speaking voice, he was once shot while giving an interview on camera, and brushed it off as a minor incident before insisting to continue 


(Not to mention this was days after pulling actor Joaquin Pheonix from a car wreck. But then again, this is a man who has eaten his own boiled shoe.

What a guy!