22 September 2010

Not only is National Schools Film Week (NSFW) a fantastic opportunity for teachers and their students to see a wide range of films at local cinemas entirely free-of-charge! It is a chance to meet some exciting industry professionals and pick their brains!


This year FACT is very excited to welcome, amongst others, director and film-critic Mark Cousins to introduce Bag of Rice (U) and to answer questions about his own film The First Movie (12A) a moving documentary about the village of Goptapa in Kurdistan and in particular its children. By giving the children cameras and letting them film what they wished, the documentary gives the audience a unique insight into what it is like to grow up in a war zone. 
You can see Mark discussing his film below -


The film draws on Cousins interest in childhood and cinema and this interest has been a focus in previous projects such as The 8 1/2  Foundation. The 8½ Foundation is a Scottish-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to introducing world cinema to children. Its aim is to create a new birthday: a film birthday, at the age of 8½, that celebrates the power of cinema to expand children’s horizons and welcomes children into the wider world of movies, beyond what is normally available to them at the multiplex or on their TV screens. Click here to learn more about The 8 1/2 Foundation.  


More recently Cousins has been involved with the Haiti Kids Kino project, working with Bristol's Cube cinema, programming screenings for displaced children in Haiti after the devastating earthquake struck earlier this year.

Mark cousins is an extremely enthused and passionate film-maker and critic- we are very excited to host him at FACT

Teachers are invited to book their FREE places today!  


The First Movie (12A)
Followed by a Q&A with Director Mark Cousins
Friday 22 October, 10.00am


Bag of Rice (U)
Introduced by Filmmaker Mark Cousins
Friday 22 October, 10.15am