2 September 2010

Labyrinth - It's a classic, it's magical and it's got David Bowie in it. What's not to love?

Any of you who had the good fortune to grow up in the Eighties will surely remember this classic, most of you probably for David Bowie's impressive cod piece, perhaps ever so slightly inappropriate seeing as this was actually aimed at children. But it is the fantastic visuals and puppetry that make this what it is. Freaky pink things with detachable limbs, a fox that rides a sheepdog, a bog of eternal stench and an M. C. Escher inspired finale. Let us put it this way: David Bowie chasing a young Jennifer Connelly. Enough said.

FACT are offering another chance to see the amazing Labyrinth on the big screen this Saturday and Sunday, and this time, you're probably old enough to drink a beer while you watch it!

As expected, tickets are selling fast so make sure you book ahead. 
Book tickets for Saturday 6.30pm here 
Book tickets for Sunday 3.00pm here

Here's the 1986 trailer, and a couple of our favourite Labyrinth moments.
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